DORLEX specialises in handling export or import paperwork

requirements relating to the transport of goods and their associated needs.

Dorlex was established in 2014 from a continuing demand by its customers asking for assistance with the administrative function of the business surrounding their export or import shipments.

This outsourcing of such admin and paperwork needs was due to orders becoming...

...and primarily detracting our clients and their staff away from their core business activity.

The benefit to our clients in outsourcing such needs, meant this paperwork was done properly by a company doing this on a daily basis, any clients shortcomings in these areas was mitigated away in outsourcing to us and as our moto implies...making their lives easier!

Services offered are;

We recognise all clients are different and have different needs... this area and as such we discuss first what is required from start to finish, before summarising the cost of our services. Certain paperwork can be much easier to handle than other paperwork and as such, we would not wish to overcharge for our services.

With 25 years experience, we will be able to articulate replies to all your questions one way or another and come to the best conclusions with your feedback, to get the job done swiftly and cost effectively.

Kindly send your details to our reply box below and we will be back to you straight away.